During a housing summit, the San Diego City Council and Board of Supervisors convened together.

This is the first time both governing bodies have come together to discuss a problem in more than 20 years.

San Diego County Board of Supervisors and San Diego City Council held a rare joint summit to discuss ways in which they may work together to boost the availability of affordable housing in the area.

The event was place at San Diego State University and lasted for almost three hours. A resolution calling for the construction of 10,000 additional affordable housing units by 2030 was approved by both legislative chambers.

Local officials concurred to consider constructing affordable housing on property held by the government.

Several people spoke during the section for public comments.

Robert German stated, “I have three children, and I’m a native, born and bred in San Diego. All of my family members, including my extended family, have moved because they are college graduates and just cannot afford to live here.

The city and county last convened on April 25th, 2000.

The Board of Supervisors Chair, Nathan Fletcher, stated that while “in most circumstances, the cities have their responsibilities and the county has its responsibilities, it is time for us to start thinking about these problems jointly, in a way that makes the most efficient use of our resources.” We must adopt a comprehensive strategy and figure out how to support each other’s efforts to enhance the supply of homes in the area because both entities are interested in the same results.

Sean Elo-Rivera, president of the San Diego City Council, said, “San Diegans demand government that owns our duties and collaborates to solve challenges. “Our collaboration has the potential to unlock tremendous opportunities to make housing more affordable for San Diegans. This meeting is a beginning step in addressing our common concerns and working toward our shared goals.”

Presentations by the San Diego Housing Commission, a charitable organization, and a local expert on affordable housing were made at the meetings of the bodies, which took place in Montezuma Hall at San Diego State.

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