Go For It! High cost of fast food in San Diego

Have you observed higher fast food costs in the San Diego area?

SAN DIEGO — Have you observed higher fast food costs in the San Diego area?

Reporter Ariana Cohen from CBS 8 visited a couple locations to examine their unexpected prices and specials.

The Golden Arches, often known as McDonald’s, is a favorite among Americans, so Cohen started there.

If you’re searching for a quick meal, Wendy’s has a breakfast croissant special for $6.45 compared to three hash browns and one Egg McMuffin for $24.

A Filet-O-Fish sandwich, ten Chicken McNuggets, and small fries will set you back $14.84 at McDonald’s for lunch.

Cost of the Filet-O-Fish was $4.99. A Filet-O-Fish only cost $2.09 in 2001.

FastFoodPricesMenu.com reports that the Dave’s Hot & Juicy Triple with cheese combo, which costs $8.09, is one of Wendy’s more expensive menu items.

The Grande Evolution Fresh at Starbucks costs $5.95, and the limited-edition Toasted Graham Latte is priced at $5.25.

While freshly brewed coffee, which costs $1.85, is one of Starbucks’ most affordable offerings.

The Impossible Whopper from Burger King costs $7.29, while the Spicy Chicken Sandwich meal costs $9.19.

A chicken burrito at Chipotle costs $10.02.

Downloading the smartphone app for the fast food restaurant business or checking your receipt for discounts are wise ways to receive better deals.

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