Numerous people are still without a confirmed bed at UC San Diego for the forthcoming quarter

More than 2,000 University of California, San Diego students are on a waiting list for on-campus housing for the upcoming fall quarter, which starts on September 25. In a part of San Diego where off-campus housing is not only pricey but also difficult to find, students are now seeking elsewhere.

This upcoming quarter, Lucia Rejzek will be studying overseas and subletting her residence. The bulk of the applicants seeking to fill her position, according to her, are freshmen.

Rejzek described the tension of not knowing where one will dwell or how one will go to a motel off campus as “just so unsettling.” “It is just completely outrageous that you had to find other housing, and you could only find it for a quarter, maybe two months before you’re supposed to start.”

This comes after the $565 million Theater District Living and Learning Neighborhood project, which was supposed to debut in the fall, was postponed. It is a planned residential community with 2,000 beds.

George Lo, the Student Body President of the Associated Students of UC San Diego, stated that “it is a significant issue throughout the entire UC system.” Until the Winter and Spring quarters, he claims, the institution is employing a number of strategies to obtain off-campus accommodation.

According to Lo, “some of the students received winter contracts, which means they will look for some off-campus resources during the fall quarter.”

Students can stay at the Resident Inn San Diego in La Jolla for the autumn quarter for less money if they promise to stay there for at least 90 days, according to the UCSD Housing Portal.

“Since a quarter is about ten weeks, when you’re forced to move, you’re entering finals. According to me, that is really difficult for me to deal with,” said Kyle, a graduate student at UCSD.

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