San Diego’s new house building will be accelerated with SANDAG financing

SAN DIEGO — Five programs to hasten home construction in the area will be supported by new financing from the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG).

The Housing Acceleration Program of SANDAG will provide $4. 8 million for these initiatives, according to the City of San Diego.

According to official statements, the funds will be utilized to assist local governments, developers, tribal nations, and transit organizations in creating laws that will hasten home production.

“This funding will help us build off the work we’ve done, and continue to do, to produce more homes, reach our climate goals, and engage with the community about the importance of addressing our housing crisis,” said Mayor Todd Gloria. “We appreciate the state and SANDAG for acknowledging and assisting our efforts to build homes that San Diegans can afford.”

The money will support the five projects listed below from the City Planning Department:

Affordable Homes Development Impact Fee Assistance Pilot Program: According to the city, a $2.5 million capital grant will be used to pay Development Impact Fees for affordable homes within the city that meet certain requirements, such as proximity to public transportation and employment opportunities, as well as in the form of fee waivers or reductions.

Affordable Home Development Master Plan: According to the city, $650,000 will go toward creating a comprehensive plan to use city-owned land to create homes for individuals of all income levels in all communities that are best serviced by amenities and transit. Among other things, it will speed up home construction on public property and lower development expenses.

— Mid-City Communities Plan Update: According to the city, $650,000 will be spent to create a long-term vision for the Mid-City communities’ land use, transportation, urban design, public amenities and services, natural resources, historic and cultural resources, and economic development.

— Inclusive Public Engagement Guide: the city claims that $500,000 will go toward developing a framework to ensure equitable community engagement in city plans, programs, projects, and activities. It will also be utilized to help lay the groundwork for a meaningful public engagement program that establishes standards for how city decisions take community feedback into account.

— Missing Middle Housing Design: townhomes, rowhomes, triplexes, fourplexes, and other small-scale multiple-home structures that are constructed at the same scale as the nearby typical single homes are referred to as missing middle housing design. According to the city, $500,000 will be used to create design standards that offer examples of plans and layouts that could be used in the construction of these dwellings.

City Planning Director Heidi Vonblum stated, “The City Planning Department is committed to finding ways to expedite the construction of new homes for San Diegans.” “We are grateful for this funding, which will assist us in thoroughly planning for more homes that families across San Diego can enjoy, thrive in, and that they can afford – in areas served by good public transportation and other essential public spaces and infrastructure.”

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