Is it really true? These are the top five most expensive zip codes in San Diego for home buyers

SAN DIEGO: Purchasing a property in Southern California is not something that should be done by those with limited resources. This is particularly relevant to potential purchasers in five specific San Diego zip codes.

Dollar signs may be seen in the results of Property Shark’s “Top 100 Most Expensive U.S. Zip Codes” list, which was just released by the real estate data provider. Property Shark examines detailed information about properties in the United States.

Researchers at Property Shark claimed to have examined residential transactions closed between January 1, 2023, and October 20, 2023, taking into consideration single-family, duplex, and condos, in order to identify the most expensive zip codes in the nation. Package offers were not included.

Property Shark provided additional explanation on their process, stating that they only took into account zip codes with at least three recorded residential transactions. USA. The United States defined its areas and divisions. Designations of the Census Bureau.

In 2022 and 2023, the median sale prices were rounded to the closest $1,000.

Which San Diego County zip codes are bankrupting property purchasers, then? Based on this analysis, the top five locations that residents spend the most money are broken down as follows:

  • La Jolla (92037): With a median house sale price of $1,830,000, La Jolla was ranked 99th on the list.
  • Cardiff By The Sea (92007): This North County seaside community’s median sale price was $1,975,000, placing it at position 86 on the list.
  • Coronado (92118): With a median house price of $2,205,000, living on this nearby San Diego island will come at a high cost. Placed No. 61 on the list was Coronado.
  • Del Mar (92014): With a median sale price of $2,364,000, these homes may be yours if you strike it lucky at the Del Mar Racetrack. This popular destination was ranked No. 51.
  • Rancho Santa Fe (92067): With a substantial median house sale price of $4,248,000, this region came in at number ten. May those who can afford it enjoy this privilege.

At $8,300,000 for a median house sale price, the city of Atherton, California in San Mateo County took the top spot. At $8,075,000, Sagaponack, New York, came in close second.

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