As to a research, San Diego is the most costly city in the United States to live in

A recent survey from U.S. News reveals that San Diego is the most costly city in the country to live in. World Report and News. Second place goes to Honolulu, Miami, and Santa Barbara, California.

The median gross rent in each city and the annual housing expenditures for mortgage-bearing homeowners served as the basis for the magazine’s conclusions. Eight Californian cities placed in the top 10, including Vallejo/Fairfield (9th), Santa Rosa (8th), Salinas (7th), and San Francisco (6th).

New York City is ranked eleventh, just outside the top ten.

San Diego homes cost $920,000, more than twice the national median, according to U.S. Updates. Redfin reports that the national median is $412,000 dollars. Additionally, rent is expensive, at $1,842 per month. U.S. According to News and World Report, residents of San Diego are prepared to pay a “sunshine tax” in exchange for enjoying a mild environment close to the Pacific.

The cost of Los Angeles is merely marginally lower. The average cost of a home is $837,000, according to U.S. Updates. “The high number of new residents arriving annually, combined with a lack of affordable housing,” is what’s keeping prices high.

The list of the greatest locations to live in the magazine is not at all like the most costly places to live. The median property price in Green Bay, Wisconsin, is $279,000. The city was named the greatest place to get “the perfect mix of big-city amenities complemented with a Midwestern, small-town feel.”

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