The San Diego City Council approves a fresh housing plan

SAN DIEGO — The San Diego City Council just voted seven to one in favor of the Housing Action Package 2.0.

The goal of this new proposal is to loosen regulations so that developers can construct more homes faster and with fewer constraints.

With the implementation of HAP 2.0, there will be less limitations on accessory dwelling units, less parking requirements for new developments close to transportation, and the ability for developers to construct low- or moderate-income housing in a different location as long as it is three miles away and has comparable amenities to the main development.

By the end of 2029, up to 109,000 new dwelling units are expected to be built, according to the plan.

Mayor Todd Gloria of San Diego made the following comment regarding the situation:

A large number of the major issues facing our city, namely homelessness and exorbitant rents, are directly related to the scarcity of affordable housing. These changes will increase the number of available houses and lower housing costs, support our companies in hiring and retaining talent, and return more hard-earned money to the pockets of regular San Diegans.

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