Hillcrest DMV may become a source of inexpensive homes

SAN DIEGO — With the support of Assembly Bill 1635, the Hillcrest DMV may soon be transformed into affordable housing. Discussions on the redevelopment date back almost 20 years.

The bill was sponsored by Assemblymember Chris Ward with the intention of taking into account the wishes of the community in order to preserve the site’s potential for leaders.

“We understand that this site is needed to blend better with that in Hillcrest, a very vibrant and revitalizing neighborhood with a lot more mid-rise housing opportunities coming up,” Ward said.

The Assembly Committee on Housing and Community Redevelopment approved AB 1635 on Wednesday. The bill seeks to amend Senate Bill 754 to provide guidance for the Hillcrest DMV’s reconstruction.

Three DMVs, including the one in Hillcrest, now have the option to collaborate with a private organization on the construction of affordable housing thanks to the 2007 passage of SB 754. But according to Ward, the land hasn’t been developed since the authorization was granted.

In addition to outlining the precise expectations for the area’s growth, AB 1635 will more clearly lead the renovation of the Hillcrest DMV. According to Ward, AB 1635 aims to harmonize the community’s aspirations for a revitalized, modernized neighborhood.

“Since we have a state-owned property here, I would like to make sure that it is in line with our stated state goals of supporting more affordable housing,” Ward went on. “It seems like a no-brainer to me, and I am eager to get this passed out of the state assembly this month,” the speaker said.

The Assembly Committee on Appropriations is scheduled to consider the bill the following week. In order for it to be considered by the state senate, it must be approved by the entire assembly by the end of this month.

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