Chula Vista to broaden safeguards for renters against ‘no-fault evictions’

The Chula Vista City Council plans to update its renter protection laws to include new rules for landlords who want to end leases without the tenant’s fault. This move aims to align with California’s new state law, Senate Bill 567, which Governor Gavin Newsom signed last year. SB 567 enhances the 2019 “Tenant Protection Act” by closing loopholes some landlords used for no-fault evictions, like citing “substantial remodels.”

The amendments in Chula Vista will stop landlords from evicting tenants for remodeling or to move in themselves or a family member without giving a detailed notice. San Diego City Council made similar updates earlier to comply with SB 567.

Now, landlords must plan to live in the unit for at least 12 months and prove this intent when evicting a tenant to move in. The new occupant must move in within 90 days, and if they leave early, the original tenant can return under the same rent and lease terms.

Landlords must also provide detailed notices for remodel-related evictions, including the work’s scope, duration, and permits.

Despite opposition from the Southern California Rental Housing Association, arguing these laws could negatively impact landlords and property quality, they acknowledged that the updates don’t significantly add restrictions beyond what state law now requires.

The Chula Vista City Council will review these proposals in their next meeting. If approved, the changes will be effective with SB 567 starting April 1, 2024.

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