About J&D Property Management

Since 2009, J&D Management has been dedicated to delivering comprehensive property management services for a wide range of properties in San Diego County, including multifamily and residential rentals, as well as small commercial properties. Our commitment to transparency is reflected in our straightforward fee structure, where we offer our services at a single, all-inclusive price without any hidden fees.

At J&D Management, our mission is to equip our clients with the essential tools to enhance the desirability of their properties for both renters and prospective buyers in the future. Whether it involves routine turnovers, ongoing weekly maintenance or extensive property renovations, J&D Management possesses the expertise and experience required to effectively oversee and enhance any residential, multifamily, or commercial property portfolio. 

Our founders, Joshua Bunton and David Brechlin, actively engage in day-to-day operations, diligently supervising our expanding team of specialists to ensure the highest possible return on investment. As proprietors, real estate brokers, contractors, and developers, we possess firsthand insights into the art of rental property management. We approach each property as if it were our own, taking immense pride in our work. 

At J&D Management, we adopt a hands-on approach to property management, conducting daily stand-up meetings to stay fully informed about every facet of your property. Leveraging cutting-edge cloud-based management software such as AppFolio and Property Meld, we meticulously track and organize all management aspects, enabling us to provide easily comprehensible owner statements and reports. Our goal is to make property ownership both financially rewarding and enjoyable once again. 

Joshua Bunton

Owner/Broker - Lic. #01889468


OWNER/BROKER - LIC. #00518635









Taylor Goulart

Assistant Property Manager







Joshua Bunton

Owner/Broker - Lic. #01889468

Joshua’s passion for real estate began early on, when he started framing houses at the age of 14. As the son of a real estate developer and investor, he learned the ins and outs of construction development and property management from a young age. By the time he was 18, Joshua was already managing properties, overseeing tenant turnovers, repairs, and unit remodels.

After obtaining his real estate license at the age of 19, Joshua worked under the guidance of four top brokers in San Diego, honing his entrepreneurial skills and gaining valuable industry knowledge. With a combined 19 years of experience in real estate, property management, construction, and development, Joshua has been involved in over $560,000,000 in real estate transactions.

Joshua’s experience includes three years of training in architecture, during which he learned to design and draw building plans. He also spent two years managing a portfolio of over 130 properties with a medium-sized property management company, as well as two years raising capital for non-performing loans on residential, commercial, and multifamily assets throughout southern California.

As the Managing Partner of Gemstone Partners, Joshua specializes in asset management, analysis, buying and selling, and raising capital for distressed real estate opportunities. He is also an Owner of J&D Management, a medium-sized property management company that manages, leases, renovates, and develops apartments, townhomes, condos, single-family homes, and ADUs throughout San Diego County.

Joshua holds the following licenses: Real Estate Broker License #01889468 and is a General Partner on General Contractor License #1016609. With his extensive firsthand knowledge of all aspects of the real estate business, Joshua provides a sense of professionalism and security to investors looking to invest in real estate throughout Southern California.

David Brechlin

OWNER/BROKER - LIC. #00518635

David has been a commercial real estate broker for over 25 years. During this time, he has sold apartment buildings, industrial parks, industrial land, and retail centers. He has also acted as a consultant in developing and building industrial warehouses in the Otay Mesa area of San Diego. Starting in 1998, David began investing in income producing properties by buying “fixer-upper” apartment buildings by rehabbing apartments buildings and houses and repositioning these properties for maximum rents. Thus, he understands the fixer-upper points of remodeling. With his construction backgrounds, he knows the importance of remodeling, yet does not overspend for improvements. David has developed and built single family starter homes in Riverside County and has also done several remodels. He has over 19 years of experience managing apartment buildings, houses, and condominiums.

David holds a Liberal Arts degree from the University of Southern California and has a law degree from Thomas Jefferson School of Law. He is a real estate broker, a member of the California State BAR, and is a non-practicing attorney.

Helen Brechlin


Helen has worked for J&D as office Secretary and Treasurer for over Ten years. She possesses an accounting degree from Grossmont college, and has 18 years of banking experience from working at Bank of America. She is friendly, hardworking, with full knowledge of property management. Her experience with the intricacies of owning her own properties has given her extensive knowledge and the keen sense to handle the many needs, demands, and tasks that come with owning property. Helen’s sweet personality brightens up our office every day, and she is an essential team member that makes J&D Management a unique management company to hire.

John Engelhart

Director of Operations

John joined the team in 2023 as our maintenance coordinator. Growing up, he worked as a maintenance and HVAC contractor with his dad. John studied Information Systems Management at The University of Akron and, because of this, brings a unique set of skills, knowledge, and experience to the team. In addition, he is excited to gain experience in the real estate and investment property industries.

John works closely with teams from the retail, real estate, and technology industries and shows proven leadership abilities in each role. He enjoys working with people and thrives in a dynamic environment. His attention to detail and strong organizational skills help him effectively manage projects from start to finish. His interests include digital electronics, cooking, traveling, and outdoor activities.

Nicole Kasarda

Head of Accounting

Nicole has been with J&D since July 2019 and started off working as the Assistant Accountant under Helen Brechlin and Alexandra Santos. She has since been promoted to Senior Accountant for J&D and oversees the accounting department for the J&D office. Her attentiveness to detail and determination to complete assigned tasks are beneficial to generating a productive and enjoyable office environment. She is finishing her studies at SDSU with a major in liberal studies with an emphasis in elementary education. In addition to her liberal studies, Nicole is studying for her real estate license and will soon become a licensed realtor.

Shoshannah Bunton

Assistant Property Manager

Shoshannah has been working with J&D Management since February of 2019. She is an assistant property manager and bookkeeper. She communicates daily with our tenants and owners on a personal basis. On top of working at J&D Management, Shoshannah also studies at San Diego State University. She is majoring in Child and Family Development and intends on getting her Real Estate license in the future. Shoshannah’s understanding and sympathetic character lightens the mood in the office, creating a relaxing and enjoyable work ambiance.

Taylor Goulart

Assistant Property Manager

Taylor is an assistant property manager and the newest member of our team. She graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in real estate, excited to learn more about the industry, and has obtained her California Real Estate Salesperson license. Taylor values working closely with others and creating meaningful connections. She enjoys reading, traveling, and ceramics.

Brook Aragona

Accounting Assistant

Brook has been with J&D since April of 2021. She is a San Diego native that has studied Art for Single Subject Teaching at San Diego State University and received culinary training at Kapiolani Community College on Oahu, Hawaii. With her extensive experience in the service industry, interpersonal and communicative skills come as second nature to Brook which are exhibited uninhibitedly in daily interactions with tenants, homeowners, and all clients. An eye for detail on canvas and the plate also translate to the office with her attentiveness to execute tasks correctly and punctually the first time, every time. Brook has additionally completed the course work for a California Real Estate Salesperson and will be obtaining her license soon.

Oliver Tyson

Leasing Director

Oliver has been a leasing director for 20 years; 10 years with J&D Management, and prior to that, 10 years with Southland Realty, LLC. His friendly and charming demeanor makes it easy for applicants to confide in him and to disclose their needs in finding their new place to call home. Oliver has past experience in architectural design, and he is also very familiar with all phases of construction. This includes concrete, building framing, ceramic tile setting, and roofing. Oliver’s expertise in these fields give him a positive outlook towards leasing and customer service. He is notable for always being very prompt in answering every phone call, which leads applicants, owners, and tenants to admire him.

Lydia Cromwell

Maintenance Coordinator

Lydia has been in customer service for her entire working career including a decade in merchandising with Home Depot. With a medical office certification, she brings a unique perspective to her role as Maintenance Coordinator at J&D since August 2023. Known for her meticulous attention to detail, adaptability, and unwavering dedication, she is driven by a passion for learning and is looking forward to contributing her expertise in optimizing operations. Eager to expand on her property management skills, she’s committed to contributing to J&D’s success and growth.