75 San Diego affordable housing units will be built using state funding

SAN DIEGO — Two affordable housing developments in San Diego will receive $20.75 million in Homekey grants from the State of California. The city said on Wednesday that more affordable housing and services for the homeless will be built with the funds allotted. These monies will be used by the San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) […]

Nine strategies for homebuyers who are struggling with rising mortgage rates

1. Request a lower mortgage rate from the seller. Since mortgage rates spiked in the beginning of 2022, temporary rate buydowns have become the norm. A part of the buyer’s interest payments are paid in advance by the seller under a temporary rate buydown. For the first one, two, or three years of ownership, this […]

San Diego rises to the top of SoCal’s rental market for the first time in years

SAN DIEGO — According to a recent research, San Diego emerged from the busiest time of year for renting apartments and for the first time in a long while as the most competitive rental market in Southern California. The nation’s hottest rental locations from April to June of this year were identified by RentCafe, a […]

San Diego’s new house building will be accelerated with SANDAG financing

SAN DIEGO — Five programs to hasten home construction in the area will be supported by new financing from the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG). The Housing Acceleration Program of SANDAG will provide $4. 8 million for these initiatives, according to the City of San Diego. According to official statements, the funds will be […]

Top 8 suburbs in the San Diego region for first-time homebuyers: research

According to a recent research by Today’s Homeowner, the American dream is still alive in the suburbs of San Diego. Being a first-time home buyer in the area can be challenging as the cost of living in the area rises due to rising gas prices and impending water rate increases. The research team at Today’s […]

What you need to know about the new proposed insurance company restrictions in California

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Months after the nation’s most populous state’s home insurance market was shaken by major companies suspending or limiting their coverage, the state’s top regulator announced Thursday that he would write new rules to encourage insurers to continue operating there. Since last year, seven of the top 12 insurance providers in California […]