J&D Property Management is your resource for quality, stress-free property management.

Simple and Transparent Owner Fees

3%-8% Management

Offering full-service management with the best rates, our fee drops as your portfolio grows.

$500 Leasing Fee

Our dedicated leasing staff handles all showings in-person to find the perfect tenant.

15% Maintenance Fee

We provide 24/7 maintenance and repair coordination for all jobs, large and small.


J&D Management provides comprehensive property management services for various types of rental properties, including Multifamily, Residential, and Commercial properties, throughout San Diego County.


We pair our years of experience in property management with modern tools and technology to provide your tenants with a frictionless experience.


The online Owner Portal streamlines communication, protects your investment, and helps you maximize the value of your properties.


Stay connected and informed with built-in messaging, notifications, and emailing tools, all with fully mobile functionality to simplify collaboration.

Enhanced Communication

Stay connected and informed with built-in messaging, notifications, and emailing tools, all with fully mobile functionality to simplify collaboration.

Simple, secure payments

Make and receive payments from the mobile-friendly Online Portal. Directly send funds for owner contributions, including emergency maintenance repairs, renovations, or reserves via eCheck or Debit Card.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the principals of J&D Management?

We are a family owned and operated Property Management business, run by Joshua Bunton and David Brechlin, both Real Estate Brokers and seasoned Investors. Joshua & Dave operate J&D Management as if all the properties were their own. They both own real estate and have extensive knowledge of construction, leasing, remodels, new development and large portfolios. Joshua is sales and customer focused. David is maintenance and operational focused. J&D encompasses hard work ethic with a real love for property management.

We manage apartments, townhomes, and commercial properties ranging from 2-100 units as well as single family homes, condos, duplexes and triplexes.

We are experts at new development and pre-leasing units while under construction.

Using a simple fee structure – 4-8% management + $250-$500 leasing fee – we offer our services for one price. There are no hidden fees.

Our role is to make your life easier as a rental property owner while preserving and increasing the value of the investment property. We act as the eyes and ears of the owner and handle every aspect of the daily operation and oversight of the rental property as if it were our own, turning your rental into truly passive income. We advertise vacancies, screen prospective tenants, negotiate lease terms, collect rents, schedule maintenance, conduct inspections, keep accurate records, provide regular reports to communicate, and provide regular reports to our owners.

Yes. When signing up for our property management services, we discuss the recurring bills owners would like us to pay on their behalf. These can include mortgage payments, property taxes, home insurance, HOA dues, gardening, and utilities including water, gas and electricity, trash collection, etc.

We truly strive to make owning a rental property as hassle free as possible for our owners.

We work with each owner individually to determine the best method of communication. Whether it is by phone, email, Skype or other methods, we always strive to be reachable and responsive. Most of the information you will need as an owner can be accessed easily 24/7 on your owner portal.

This is where our experience and understanding of the local rental market plays an important role. While the market determines the final rental price, we are able to propose a rental value based on the location and condition of the property with respect to the current conditions of the rental market. We believe in honest, upfront, and realistic conversations with our owners regarding market conditions and rental prices.

In order for us to do our job effectively, our maintenance limit is $300. If it is over that amount, we will contact you for approval. Anything under that amount, we will do automatically.

No. We have a 24 hour emergency line for events that occur outside of business hours, including nights, weekends and holidays. We also have a pool of vendors available for after hours emergencies ready to go in the event that they are needed.

If our experience has taught us anything, it’s the importance of attracting the highest quality tenants. A quality resident is motivated to take care of your home and will leave it in good condition when they go. This means lower operating costs for you.

When the yard, entrance area, and interior look sharp, we are much more successful in leasing your home. A property that shows well tends to rent faster and commands a premium rent.

It’s critical to your success to ensure your property is not only immaculate when showing to prospective tenants, but that it has quality finishes and upgrades that make it desirable to quality tenants. The property should have fresh paint and up to date flooring, appliances, and window coverings. Everything should be in good repair.

J&D has relationships with reputable and skillful contractors in San Diego county. Because we manage so many properties, we receive more competitive pricing on repairs and maintenance than an owner would as an individual. As experienced property managers and owners ourselves, we know how to source and vet great contractors and only hire the best professionals for the job.

No, we do not believe in benefiting financially from a maintenance request. We can either pay the bill on your behalf, deducting the funds from your rental proceeds, or simply pass the bill on to you as the property owner for payment.

Prior to the tenant taking possession of the property, we collect the first month’s rent and a security deposit. The security deposit is generally at least equal to one month’s rent.

Rents are due on the first of each month. We carefully monitor delinquencies and if a payment is not received on time, we promptly contact the tenant to determine the status of the rental payment. Depending on the outcome, we may serve a Three Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit. If the notice does not compel the tenant to pay rent or quit, or agree to a payment arrangement, we promptly contact the owner to discuss a further course of action. If an eviction is necessary, we will handle the process to minimize the owner’s loss.

We create professional exposure of your property through our website, numerous related real estate sites, local real estate professionals, and relocation companies. The length of time it takes to find a tenant varies depending upon the time of year, market conditions and other factors. It is in our best interest to minimize the vacancy period while paying careful attention to selecting a qualified tenant.

We are often able to find a qualified tenant for your vacancy within as little as two weeks, but the average length of the search can be up to 30 days.

The amount of the security deposit is generally at least equal to one month’s rent and is collected from the tenant in order to offset the expense of correcting possible damages. Should the repairs exceed the amount of the security deposit, we will seek restitution from the tenants using methods which include sending the tenant to collections.

The tenant is responsible for the rent for the term of the lease. If a tenant chooses to leave prior to the lease end date, they will be charged for the rent until the property is re-rented to another qualified tenant. The tenant is also responsible for any and all costs associated with re-renting the property. As the property manager, we will make all efforts to re-rent the property as soon as possible in order to minimize the tenant’s costs.

In order for us to begin managing a property, we need an executed Property Management Agreement with necessary addenda and disclosures, a copy of the homeowner insurance policy, and the keys.

If there is a Home Owners Association or the property is currently occupied, additional information may be required.

We will assist our owners through each step of the process.

About J&D Property Management

Since 2009, J&D Management has been dedicated to delivering comprehensive property management services for a wide range of properties in San Diego County, including multifamily and residential rentals, as well as small commercial properties. Our commitment to transparency is reflected in our straightforward fee structure, where we offer our services at a single, all-inclusive price without any hidden fees.

At J&D Management, our mission is to equip our clients with the essential tools to enhance the desirability of their properties for both renters and prospective buyers in the future. Whether it involves routine turnovers, ongoing weekly maintenance or extensive property renovations, J&D Management possesses the expertise and experience required to effectively oversee and enhance any residential, multifamily, or commercial property portfolio. 

Our founders, Joshua Bunton and David Brechlin, actively engage in day-to-day operations, diligently supervising our expanding team of specialists to ensure the highest possible return on investment. As proprietors, real estate brokers, contractors, and developers, we possess firsthand insights into the art of rental property management. We approach each property as if it were our own, taking immense pride in our work. 

At J&D Management, we adopt a hands-on approach to property management, conducting daily stand-up meetings to stay fully informed about every facet of your property. Leveraging cutting-edge cloud-based management software such as AppFolio and Property Meld, we meticulously track and organize all management aspects, enabling us to provide easily comprehensible owner statements and reports. Our goal is to make property ownership both financially rewarding and enjoyable once again.