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Refer us a client and if they buy or sell, we will make sure they get referred back to you!

$750 + 5% of Fees

We will pay you $750 PLUS 5% of management fees for as long as we retain the property.

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Refer us to other Realtors and get paid when they bring us new property management clients

About J&D Management

Joshua Bunton - Owner​

Since 2009, J&D Management has been dedicated to delivering comprehensive property management services for a wide range of properties in San Diego County, including multifamily and residential rentals, as well as small commercial properties. Our commitment to transparency is reflected in our straightforward fee structure, where we offer our services at a single, all-inclusive price without any hidden fees.

At J&D Management, our mission is to equip our clients with the essential tools to enhance the desirability of their properties for both renters and prospective buyers in the future. Whether it involves routine turnovers, ongoing weekly maintenance, or extensive property renovations, J&D Management possesses the expertise and experience required to effectively oversee and enhance any residential, multifamily, or commercial property portfolio. 

Our founders, Joshua Bunton and David Brechlin, actively engage in day-to-day operations, diligently supervising our expanding team of specialists to ensure the highest possible return on investment. As proprietors, real estate brokers, contractors, and developers, we possess firsthand insights into the art of rental property management. We approach each property as if it were our own, taking immense pride in our work. 

At J&D Management, we adopt a hands-on approach to property management, conducting daily stand-up meetings to stay fully informed about every facet of your property. Leveraging cutting-edge cloud-based management software such as AppFolio and Property Meld, we meticulously track and organize all management aspects, enabling us to provide easily comprehensible owner statements and reports. Our goal is to make property ownership both financially rewarding and enjoyable once again. 

We handle all your leasing

Dedicated leasing staff, professional ad pictures and online ads, equal top dollar rents!

24/7 Repairs & Maintenance​

With vendors from A to Z and an in-house maintenance team, no project goes unfinished!

Appfolio Cloud Software

Easy to read owner reports and online portal access with online payments for tenants, owners and vendors!

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